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Onwards Journey to India

Being on a break from work, my  day starts on a different note. I am usually  looking out of the kitchen door on to the garden, gazing aimlessly at the sky or at a new shoot or a bloom in the garden, with a coffee cup in the hand. I could just sit and watch the world go by, the birds chirping and little buds shaking their heads in the gentle breeze, watching the rain drops fall. Today I thought I should try writing my account of the visits to the temple towns of Tamil Nadu.

Bags in tow and with a colouring book in my hand, I landed in Mumbai for a soul searching  trip. I was greeted with a cacophony of noises-car blowing horns, cooing of koyal bird and Bollywood song playing on the taxi. “Dheere Dheerea say meri zindagi mein aana ..”. I am not even going to attempt to translate it. But must say I heard the song after ages and was one of  my favourite when I was a teenager. Why on earth a song so old was being played on radio,  – It s a sign I thought , a sign to take a trip down memory lane.



I am originally from India and currently live in London with my husband. I have acquired a taste for travelling and exploring from my husband, I love to read and often wonder and muse about inconsequential things and banalities of life. I have an amazing set of friends who patiently listen to my incessant musings and wondering about life. I thought I should start a blog and send my wonderings and musings, in to ether. All the photographs used on the blog are my experimental photography using I phone and I Pad. Hope you enjoy reading the blog.