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Beautiful Landscapes- An Ode to Nature




These are some of my experiments with photography with an I pad. I am not a photographer. These are my attempts to capture some of the lovely moments spent amidst nature. Walking through these beautiful trails is an experience which cannot be expressed in words nor the camera can capture the entire beauty and the profound experience!!!!
First and third photo are of River Severn in Wales
The Middle one is of Buttermere, Lake District


I am originally from India and currently live in London with my husband. I have acquired a taste for travelling and exploring from my husband, I love to read and often wonder and muse about inconsequential things and banalities of life. I have an amazing set of friends who patiently listen to my incessant musings and wondering about life. I thought I should start a blog and send my wonderings and musings, in to ether. All the photographs used on the blog are my experimental photography using I phone and I Pad. Hope you enjoy reading the blog.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Landscapes- An Ode to Nature

    1. Thanks Shilpa☺️. I just wanted to say I am not even an amateur photographer ended up sounding entirely different.
      Thank you so much for your encouragement.


  1. Well, if the photographs you clicked through your i-Pad are this spectacular, I wonder what the astounding quality will be when you use a fully loaded DSLR..
    Superb pictures Madam.. 🙂 Your talent in blogging is well complemented by your expertise in photography.. 🙂

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