A visit to National Portrait Gallery

I have become an ardent fan of  Magic FM s breakfast show presented by Nick Snaith. Last week as  part of the May Bank Holiday, Magic was hosting all week event called Magic Payday, where by a phone number would be picked up randomly and that said number would win GBP 10,000 pounds. I have been told by a friend that we should inculcate positive thoughts, it is a theory called Law of attraction, if we think positive, we attract positivity and  by merely thinking something, we can will it to happen. Apparently, we all have the power in our mind. For instance, if we think negative, we beget negative, and if we think positive we get positive outcome. I have often wondered if this is true. I do believe we should have a positive outlook and positive frame of mind, but whether we can make something happen by positive or negative thoughts, I am not so sure. I believe good and bad happen in life, how we handle  is what is important. Sometimes things go bad and it creates negativity and makes me react negatively, on which I have control over. I can choose to be positive, I am not sure if I can will something positive to happen or stop negative things to happen. I am currently in high crest of  positive waves,  I decided I was going to register my phone number and give this theory a try. I registered my number without a doubt that I was going to be the winner of Magic Payday. I was certain in my heart that I was going to get a call from Nick Snaith. I drove my husband mad with my air of positivity – ‘ Nick Snaith was going to call me on Friday morning, to tell me I have won 10K’. On Friday morning I waited with the phone in my hand and listening to Magic FM. When the actual winner was announced on the radio, I called my husband and informed him my positive thoughts had not done the trick  to make us win Maypay, but just cost us the text money. We both had a hearty laugh over it and perhaps I still have a long way to go in discovering the power of  mind. Yet I enjoyed the whole experience of positivity, registering my phone for the Mayday Pay day and waiting for the call, in my heart I was certain, I was going to be the winner and I would be getting the call. In spite of not getting the call, I had a wonderful Friday.

I have a number items on my  list of things to do on ‘My  To Do while  on a break’. Its been two months since I have stopped working and I decided it was high time I started to get on the top of my To Do list.  One of them being visit museums and art galleries on my own as many times as possible during the break. I have been meaning to visit the National Portrait Gallery and since there was an exhibition of Dutch Flower artist, with that positive vibe charging in my veins, I decided it was the time to visit the Gallery.

The exhibition is beautiful, it consists of 17th to 18th century Dutch artists’ work, but just flower art work. The artwork was just marvellous, so vibrant and life like. The artists’ had captured the still life, in the form of flowers and vases, and insects around them. In some of the artwork, the paintings of flowers in glass vase had reflections of windows/doors on them, in some there were tiny lady bird bug, or a dew drop of flowers, a droplet of water on the sill. Such attention to detail, was really enthralling. The exhibit is small, but is very captivating. The exhibition is on till 29th August 2016, if you are interested in flowers and paintings, and you are in London, I would urge you to pay a little visit to the National Portrait Gallery.

Once I finished viewing the exhibition, I decided I would pick up an artist/art work of my choice and look at that artwork in peace and in leisure. I chose John Constable’s Hay wain painting. I have a special admiration for  John Constable’s paintings, the way he paints the clouds ,the countryside and woods. And Hay wain, my personal favourite ,  with its rural backdrop and mill, is very comforting. And every time I see Hay Wain, I always find a new minute detail which I missed the previous time.

The next one, I saw was Claude Monet’s Thames with Westminster. The painting with its shadows and shrouding mist has an air of romance/mystery. I always find it very amusing how an impressionist paintings when you look at them closely are just brush strokes with no specific form, yet when you view  it from a distance it takes a beautiful form, a lovely scene, and has a depth to it. Like life, when you add the little moments together, they make a beautiful day or a beautiful life.

The last one I saw was Gainsborough s unfinished painting of his daughters with a cat. I was not intending to look at anything else , yet I stopped at this painting  with out knowing it was Gainsborough, to admire the work. There was something captivating about the girls’ gaze, and then  I read the title it said ‘ the painters daughters with a cat’. I looked closely but there was no cat in the painting, there just a shadowy  outline of the cat, hence it is unfinished.

After the exhibition, I met a friend at a Turkish restaurant for  dinner. The dinner was delicious, the company was great. My hypothesis , positive thoughts and outlook leads to positivity, since I had a wonderful afternoon and evening. I read somewhere a quote , I am not sure whose. I love the quote

“Life is like the river, sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere.”



  1. I so much believe in the power of positivity, rather sometimes I feel it is quite infectious!! in that note I hope you enroll next time again, one never knows you see :)).
    Your day at the national portrait gallery sounds really wonderful, there are so many talented artists in this world that sometimes it feels you can spend your entire lifetime exploring them and their work.Thanks for sharing your experience Usha,maybe someday I will get the opportunity to see the Dutch flower art exhibit.

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