December 2020!!!

I am finding it hard to believe we are already in to the second week of 2021. The year 2020 seems to have just gone by, and like many others I wanted to bid adieu to 2020 as quickly as possible. At the same time it feels like an eternity of being in social distancing and in this new world of new normal. Since March 2020 so much has happened in this world of ours and at the same time I feel that the year has just whizzed past. How can I feel exactly opposing thoughts at the same time. Well I am going to park the thought and muse and analyze about it another day. For today I want to reminiscence.

December has been a favorite month at our home, we look forward to London being lit up with beautiful lights , our train trips, traipsing through Christmas Markets, going out with friends for meals and get togethers, and be soaked in gaiety of the season. 2020 December was slightly different.

With the onset of December and lifting of the lockdown and before the Tier 3 lockdown in London , we managed a few outings. We ventured out to add a dash of festive cheer with our mask on in all public transports, indoor spaces, shops and taxi, and looked out for the “We’re Good to Go” and “See it Safely” marks,  and kept a safe distance from other families, Hands, face and space being our motto. The rules have changed quiet a lot in short span of time., while I write this, whole of England is in Lockdown, and feeling a bit blue.

Before the Tier 3 lockdown in London , and before whole of England went in to Lockdown, we managed a few outings. And I am extremely grateful that we had these small outings, and for me it brings a bit of solace and happiness writing about it.

Afternoon Tea for two Please...

Tea for Two

My husband loves a traditional afternoon tea and had been craving for the experience. I too had been wishing for tea and cakes which were not my experimental bakes. Afternoon tea is an experience, is more than just tea and cakes. It was perfect to kick start the festivities and an opportunity to head towards London. I had read about the three different Christmas trees at Kings Cross, it made my decision on location for the afternoon tea easier. Kings Cross, The Hansom was the perfect spot to enjoy a spot of tea and also to feel the festive air of the town . I had been to The Hansom a few years back with a couple of friends and I had enjoyed the experience and the ambience. The Hansom was part of the original St Pancras station, and is situated at a stunning location, with the current railway station as it s backdrop. It has the original Victorian façade , lending it an old world charm and a character. I particularly love its neo gothic architecture and high vaulted ceilings with Blue ironwork, giving the space ample light and an air of openness. We boarded the London underground for the first time since March 2020 , to get to Hansom Lounge. The travel made me aware of this new world, where nothing had changed, yet so much had changed. The Tea at Hansom was scrumptious and festive, and lightened our hearts . After the tea we strolled around the Kings Cross station and saw the Christmas Tree at St Pancras, and looked the the Eurostar Train wistfully. My husband reminded me that this is the closest we can get to the Eurostar train this year. The three trees at Kings Cross are unconventional and very different. The Electric Nemeton Tree in Granary Square, the Terrarium Tree in Coal Drops Yard and the People’s Tree at Battle Bridge Place. My Personal favorite was Terrarium Tree , which consisted of 70 mini Terrarium bauble with miniature gardens. The micro garden will be rehoused in 2021. Coal Drops yard is 19th century warehouse now converted to a retail space with plenty of restaurants and artisan shops. It had a wonderful vibe and energy, and plenty of open space to have a wander around maintain distance in the days of social distancing. I would love to go back to Coal Yard drop .

Christmas at Kew

Kew Gardens puts up a spectacular light show every Christmas. Due to changing circumstances, it had to cancel its Light show this year, however we managed to catch the show, when it was open for few days in December. It is an enchanting trail of lights through the paths and gardens with in Kew Garden. There are various installations which illuminated the dark paths, and chasing away the gloom with its dazzling and magical lights . There are glittering tunnel of bells, giant illuminated seed heads and majestic trees wrapped in light on your way to the dazzling treetop waterfall and many more. My personal favorite was the illuminated rose garden, and the magical lantern display with mellow music playing, making you look for the spark of light and hope in your heart, reminding you this too shall pass. Life is like a ebb and flow, and you just have to follow the light and love, and let it guide you home.

Next stop Hogwarts …

I certainly think we need a bit of magic in out life to whisk us away from this plane of reality and where else is better than a trip to Harry Potter World and put a Expectopatronus charm over the world and I do wish it had the power to send the current conundrum of the world in to a far far away black hole in the universe. For now I spent an an amazing day in the world of Harry Potter, walking down Diagon Alley, walking through the forbidden forest, Hagrid s house, a glimpse in to professor Snape s potion class, and going in to Albus Dumberdore s office. The highlight of the day was of course drinking Butter Beer and walking down the bridge , which Neville blows up in the movie.

For now we are back in our homes safe in Lockdown, working from home and following the daily routine . For now we watch Netflix and fill the big void, even though I have plenty of time, I have read far less books in 2020 then ever in my life. Someday I am hoping that I will look back upon these days and send a word of thanks to universe that is over and remember it as an year when we spent our days Binge watching Netflix and eating plenty of home cooked food.

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.- Maya Angelou

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  1. Brilliant Usha ..did not want it to end .London has become so real and beautiful now due to your writings for us here at the other end . The afternoon tea memories are evergreen!

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  2. happy 2021! That afternoon tea looks great and you managed to visit HP! so, it seems you’ve had a great December. we’re in semi-lockdown here, shops open, restaurants and bars closed, schools for younger kids are offline and for older kids online…it’s not easy, but there is end? Hopefully:) stay safe

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    • Happy 2021 Tanja. I am glad I managed a few bits of outings, which i think we got lucky, we had just picked some random dates and booked it a while back. Keep safe and hopefully we will come out of it , until then stay safe

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