August this year, we travelled to the Dutch capital, Amsterdam.The city famous for its beautiful canals, liberalism, coffee shops, red light area and cheese. This was a much anticipated trip as I had been wanting to take the Eurostar to Amsterdam from London, for a very long time. Also given that it is the 25 th year of Eurostar, as a train enthusiast I was super excited to have picnic on the train to celebrate. With a packed picnic bag, I arrived at the St Pancras station a bit tired as I had been overzealous in preparation of the picnic. But all was well once we boarded the train and I was calm and joyful. As soon as the train rolled out of St Pancras Station. like a child, I kept asking my husband every five minutes “ Shall we eat now?”. I am still not sure what was I more excited about the picnic on the train or the train ride.


  1. I can totally relate to this, Usha. I love packing a gourmet picnic and when you’ve made it you’re just longing to get stuck in! It’s such a lovely idea eating treats on a train. One of the nicest ways to travel. Thanks for sharing on #farawayfiles

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  2. I love your honesty, Usha. Not everyone connects with every place. I really enjoyed Amsterdam, but I did visit more than 12 years ago when it was likely way less crowded. Point taken about the importance of experiencing the moment, rather than just documenting it. One of the things I loved the most there was the Van Gogh museum, which I found extremely moving, and the dutch pancakes!

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    • Unfortunately we could not visit the Van Gogh museum and Anne Franks house as the tickets were fully booked. I enjoyed the Dutch pancakes 🥞. I am glad you enjoyed Amsterdam, unfortunately I could not relate to it. I hope the over tourism gets managed. Although I did enjoy Old Holland. Thank you so much for stopping by and your comments.


  3. What a shame you didn’t connect with Amerdam, Usha. I used to go annually on business and always enjoyed my jaunts there, but must confess have never been as a tourist. At least you had that mother of all picnics to enjoy! #farawayfiles

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  4. Amsterdam is one of the best cities to visit in Europe. What I really like about the city is the transport system and super friendly people. Have you written more about Amsterdam?

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    • I have written only this post on Amsterdam. I agree the transport system is good, so is in most of the European countries. In my experience the people of Amsterdam are exasperated with tourists and it’s suffering from mass tourism. Unfortunately Amsterdam was not my cup of tea.


  5. No doubt over tourism is a problem plaguing major cities and regions all over the world. Amsterdam is no exception to this.
    Glad that you could still enjoy it, if not to the full extent.. The pictures are beautiful.. ☺️
    Thank you for sharing..!!

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