The Little Paris Book Shop

I like reading, is an understatement. I have always found books as very good companions, they are a little island of my own away from the cacophony of the world. When I decided to take a break from work, I started buying more books, thinking I will have a lot more time to read. Not that I do not buy books otherwise. I can say I buy books occasionally and the occasions come very often. I went slightly overboard with the thought of being on a break, I bought War and Peace, which I always wanted to read, and the series on BBC rekindled my desire. I bought two copies of the book, two different version of translations in English, along with other books. One of the copies was a gift for a friend, I often pass on my afflictions to my friends and trouble  them, ‘go on read it ‘. When I was paying for the books, the guy who was taking the payment was greater book enthusiast than me. He was very happy to see me with two versions of translation thought I was going to read both the versions of translation and recommended a few other translations, eventually I did mention that only one of them was for me and the other was a gift. I love these little chitchat at the till with another shopper or with employees at the till, where someone says I have to read this one, oh you should read this…. book, or good choice I love the book, have you seen the film which has been made of this book…

It is  surprising that I have not written about  books or reading on the blog. Neither have I read any book in the last three months. I have often stood in front of the bookshelf and sifting through the books that I have not read and pondering, which one should I read. None of the books would  pique my interest and then berating myself for having the time and not reading, I would try and make an effort by randomly picking up a book. But the book would not be able to hold my interest for more than 5 pages. I would go on to do something else. I would wonder may be it is a case of a reader’s Block.

I was rather feeling blue last week and moping about in the house,going  from Garden, to Kitchen and settling in  living room. I sat there sweeping a glance across the room, to find an activity. I sat with a lap top with the intention of doing a research on gardening in order to tend to my ailing rock alpines, when a tiny little Blue spine caught my attention sandwiched between Expo 58 and Unexpected Lessons in Love. On finishing with my work on laptop I  walked over to the shelf and picked up the book. It ‘s one of the books I bought to read during my break. I often sat in front of the shelf with a intention of finding an interesting read and have  looked past the book. And on that instance I found the synopsis and the blue tinted cover of the book Eiffel Tower very beckoning. I started reading the book and was captivated.  Viola! my reader’s Block ended.

It is a kind of book I would read , curled up on a sofa with a nice cup coffee , read slowly and fall asleep nestling the book or having fallen asleep with the book sprawled all over my face. When I say I fall asleep, it is  not because the book is boring or not my type, but the book is therapeutic, it  lures you in to a charming little world, cures you  out of boredom, with its beautiful writing.  There are parts of story which I cannot relate to or dislike because it is out of character of the protagonist  , but the narration is charming , witty at times and full of memorable quotes. The book  is an ode to books and book lovers. In the genre, I would string it along  with The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It introduces the reader to a wonderful protagonist, Monsieur Jean Perdu, who runs a book barge on River Sienne in Paris and calls it a Literary Apothecary.   There are other interesting characters in the book like the very Monsieur Jordan, who has attained  fame at 21 and is not able to handle it.

The books is scattered with wise and catchy  quotes, that’s what is capturing my interest and  making me read the book. I am just quoting a few lines below, from the book. The book did cure me of boredom.

Memories are like wolves. You can’t lock them away and hope they leave you alone.”

” A book is both medic and medicine at once. It makes diagnosis as well as offering therapy. Putting the right novel to the appropriate ailments, that’s how I sell books.”

” You see I sell books like medicine. There are books that are suitable for a million people, others only for a hundred. There are even books written for one person only.”

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  1. Kind of happy and relieved that your Readers block has ended:)). Looking forward to seeing more book reviews on your blog, you have such an extensive knowledge on books. Adding this book to my summer reading list.

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